Conveyancing helps ensure a safe and successful property purchase. Through our trusted conveyancing partners, we have managed all types of transactions. Covering the sale process from the signing of the contracts to the final property transfer.

Transferring property in Dubai can be complicated without any professional support.
There are four types of transactions – cash to cash, cash to finance, finance to cash, and finance to finance.
Each process has its own method and details, which is why we recommend getting expert assistance at this stage. 

Why Dubai Dunes?

A Company You Can Trust

Dubai Dunes partners with some of the longest standing conveyancers in the UAE and with years of experience, our team is prepared to handle each step of the process for you.
In case things get challenging, they can even extend their role to acting as Power of Attorney if necessary – as well as other attestation and notary services.

Give us a call today, and we will talk you through the process.